July 1st, 2023


As president of the Zeta Rho House Corp (ZPHC), I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on our status as an ongoing Alumni Association. As of now, the ZPHC is on solid financial ground and continues to serve as landlord to maintain the property of 604 South Main until such time that Sigma Chi can recolonize on campus to re-occupy the House. We currently have $52.8K in cash assets at Isabella Bank and, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our Alumni, we are debt-free having paid off our mortgage at the 50th anniversary in 2017.

Continued financial obligations to operate the property remain with taxes and insurance. We are all appreciative of the ongoing participants in our ‘67 Club’ campaign (found at https://chippewasig.com) whose funds cover most of our requirements. Again, to all those who make their monthly contribution, a heart-felt thanks. Utilities are break even (paid for by the tenants) via the 10-month annual lease with each resident obligated for a flat monthly fee of $100. Over this summer, the ZPHC Board has approved $8K to upgrade the structure to appropriate standards.

Since the undergraduate Zeta Rho chapter was obliged to surrender the charter in May of 2022, Dr. Reneé Watson, Vice President of Student Affairs for CMU, has subsequently been advised the no Sigma Chi actives are residing at 604 South Main. For the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year, we have secured six (6) leases from students affiliated with a local fraternity, who have signed with our Partlo Property Management company. While ten (10) individuals would be better, I have personally met with this group of young men and have stressed that if they desire the House in the future, we will need more tenants and a multi-year commitment.

Our re-colonization efforts now reside with the Central (Mid) Michigan Alumni Association (CMAA) Board and the alumni participants, run by Brother Todd Russell CMU ’93 (312-925-9644 / trussell2005@comcast.net). With over 200 members, they have done a magnificent job engaging Sigs throughout the state and across the country from numerous chapters to support Sigma Chi in the mid-Michigan region. The process to bring Zeta Rho back to CMU will commence hopefully in Fall of 2025 when the CMAA can lend its assistance to the Fraternity to help form a local colony.

Brothers, I hope this note finds all of you in good health. It is important that we keep our communication running through the CMAA and its Mitten Sig e-publications. The future of Zeta Rho rests in our hands if we are going to reestablish Sigma Chi at CMU.           Scott Cartwright CMU ’86 (248-789-5513 / stc1964@gmail.com). 

IHSV Brothers,

Scott T. Cartwright
CMU Alumni 1986