The Zeta Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi focuses on recruiting the most outstanding leaders, scholars, athletes, and well-rounded men to continue its long tradition of excellence at the Capstone. Prior to Sigma Chi’s founding in 1968, fraternities were based on the proposition that friendships are best formed by men of like minds, talents, and personalities. Our founders, however, believed that true brotherhood could prosper only when men of unlike minds, talents, and personalities banded themselves together under a common set of ideals. It was on this foundation that Sigma Chi began.


In order to be considered for membership in Sigma Chi, one must be considered:

  • A Man of Good Character
  • A Student of Fair Ability
  • With Ambitious Purposes
  • A Congenial Disposition
  • Possessed of Good Morals
  • Having a High Sense of Honor and
  • A Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility


For men who meet these standards, Zeta Rho quickly offers them the opportunity to become involved in numerous student organizations that shape and lead campus life. The chapter also understands the importance of building a solid academic record for use in starting a career after graduation. However, Zeta Rho also values the opportunity to enjoy weekly social events that are an integral aspect of the thriving fraternity and sorority scene at Central Michigan University. The chapter also hosts “Derby Days” each spring, which has been a campus tradition since the 1930s. Derby Days is a five day fundraiser/party that is unrivaled by any other event on campus. The success of Derby Days speaks for itself.

If you are interested in learning more about possible membership in our order or would like to recommend someone to join Sigma Chi, please contact us